Glen's Collection of Fun Stuff

Spint PCS's Andersen's explanation of Enron failure

Funny Flash Animations

Most recent photo of Bin Laden

Dogged Out

new World Trade Center design

Great idea for pumpkin carving for Halloween

Halloween Moon

Another great idea for Halloween

Speed Limit Enforcement

Taliban Singles Online

Visiting Friends

Farts Matrix MPEG video clip (filesize: 2MB)

I like my pussy shaved.

Do your patriotic duty

Whoa! Trippy wheels!

You Named It What?

QVC Ladder (ASF video, 1.2MB)

Randy Johnson hits bird with a 95MPH fastball! (MPEG video, 1.4MB)

Why NOT to fly Mandarin Airlines


Chinese fortune cookie

Granny_walks_dog.mpg (922KB)

8 year old's First Flight - letter to the captain

Man Show Boy: Fake ID (MPEG video, 21.4MB)

Hoochie Momma (small MPEG video, 617KB)

TeasingCat.mpg (small MPEG video, 1.73MB)

superfatty.mpg (small MPEG video, 528KB)

Golf balls sign

penguin.mpg (small MPEG video, 577KB)

monkey-finger_butt.mpeg (MPEG video, 3.08MB)

Not My Job

Funny cats (AVI video, 1.92MB)

hest.avi (small AVI video, 362KB)



stupid_bike_stunt.mpg (MPEG video, 1.19MB)

Methane_Explosion.mpeg (MPEG video, 646KB)

Michael Jackson is Innocent!

Home Alone

denirosnl.asf - Robert DiNero on Saturday Night Live (ASF video, 927KB)

plumber.jpg - Nice Paint Job!

Cowbell.mpa - SNL with Christopher Walken







Stress Test


hummer1.jpg - Nice license plate

Blaupunkt Speakers Commercial

Scouting for 'camel toads' at pool

There's a reason why middle aged women should not go to Mardi Gras

Funny Singles Ad

Surefire way to get a Ticket

Nice xmas lites

Unfair question

Looting evolved

The difference between EU and US

Democrats are sexy

Typical Tourist

Who the hell designed this ride?

Bush Monkey Business

Balls-Out-Jeans (WMV video, 3.46MB)

I Know My Rights (MP4 video, 8MB)


Car washes can be confusing

CVS left a voicemail message for you

eHarmony Video Bio (remix)

Couple Asks Internet to Photoshop Out Shirtless Guy from Engagement Photo, Regrets It Immediately

Straight outta bitcoin

Christmas lights on palm trees